— Historical Timeline —


Governor Peter Tali Coleman conducts the Conference on Library and Information Services in American Samoa to gather input from the library profession, government officials, and general public supporters of library and information services.


The Report from the Governor’s Conference on Library and Information Services: American Samoa is published for the White House Conference on Library and Information Services in Washington, D.C. It contains a comprehensive collection of recommendations and resolutions for future public library services in the territory.

Hurricane Val strikes American Samoa, causing irreparable damage to the current public library.

Executive Order 09-1991 is issued to create the Public Library Board whose members are authorized to develop a new public library for American Samoa.

Governor A.P. Lutali re-constitutes the Public Library Board to facilitate construction of the public library. Funding requested and received from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) through the American Samoa Disaster Recovery Office (ASDRO), the U.S. Department of Commerce Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), and a Congressional appropriation directed by Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin and administered by the Department of Interior Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) grants.


Construction is completed and Territorial Librarian is hired.


Governor Tauese P. Sunia approves legislation establishing the Feleti Barstow Public Library as a semi-autonomous agency under the Executive Branch of the American Samoa Government.


Library officially opens to the public on April 17, 2000, during American Samoa’s Centennial Flag Day celebrations.

Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) is established to create the framework for electronically linking library services in the territory.

Computer classes introducing basic skills to the general public begin.


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grant received, doubling the amount of computers in the Computer Lab and expanding computer service to both floors of the Library.


Online Union Catalog expands to include multiple member sites throughout the territory. Grant award is received to complete Phase I of the project, and begin Phase II.


Online Union Catalog is made available via the World Wide Web, expanding library service to all Internet-connected patrons and establishing a first-time online international Web presence for the library.


The Feleti Barstow Public Library celebrates its 5th Anniversary. Collection to date: over 27,000 items and over 13,000 card holders.

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As the central public library for American Samoa, we serve as a model for other libraries and information centers to increase access to reading materials and promote literacy.

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